Casa Ludovico, 1710 Alternate 19, Palm Harbor, FL 34683   |   727-784-7779
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Soups & Salads

    • Zappa & Le Insalate - Soups & Salad

    • La Minestra Del Giorno

      Soup of the day.

    • Arucola E Parmigiano

      The famous Italian salad with shaved, aged Parmesan.

    • Insalata Appetitosa

      Farm fresh, seasonal salad mix with walnuts and Gorgonzola.

    • Insalata Di Cesare

      Fresh Romaine salad with Riccardo’s special Caesar dressing.

    • Insalata Di Spinaci

      Fresh spinach and baby Portobello mushrooms with shaved, aged Italian Parmesan.

    • Insalata Di Stagione Al Balsamico

      Farm fresh, seasonal salad mix with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


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